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/files/Photos/Mother Beatrice Ellis Walker.jpgMother Beatrice Ellis Walker was born in Memphis, Tennessee. She came from a family of 9. Her father was the pastor of Riverhead Church of God in Christ. She is the wife of Bishop William H. Walker, Sr. and mother of 4 children.  Mother Walker grew up in church and was active in ministry. She received her biblical instruction from Bethel Bible Institute. She later joined Bethel Gospel Tabernacle where she met her husband. In 1961, she and Bishop Walker began laboring in Amityville Gospel Tabernacle. She has always worked by her husband’s side developing the ministry, and serving in numerous departments—President of the Usher Board and Women’s De-partment, Sunday School Superintendent, Dean of Bethel Bible Institute Extension School in Amityville, NY, and instructor.

Mother Walker attended Farmingdale University and received her nursing degree in 1977. She was a dedicated nurse for 10 years at Brunswick Hospital in Amityville NY. Mother Walker is a woman of faith and prayer. She has always maintained love and loyalty to God, Bishop, her family, and the people of God. She has advised many women, leading by precept and example. Because of her dedication, many women now have fulfilled their purpose in their homes, ministries, and careers.

/files/Photos/Mother Julie Bryant.jpgMother Julie Bryant was born in Bethel, North Carolina. In 1966, at a Crusade in New York City (with Evangelist Tom Skinner), Mother Bryant was convicted by the Word of God. Realizing her need for a Savior, she blocked out everyone around her and made the decision to accept the Lord—never turning back since that day. Crusade counselors began studying the scriptures with her every Wednesday.  Mother Bryant has been a member since 1967. Other than the Walker family, she is one of the original members of Amityville Gospel Tabernacle. In the earlier days of the church, she supported the church by selling dinners for the building fund.  In 2007, she was consecrated as a church mother in Amityville Full Gospel Tabernacle, Inc. She is active in her community, working with and encouraging the youth at Copiague Middle School and High School. Mother Bryant uses Christ as her example of love. She is a vehicle of love to many people. She is known for her ―silent blessings, and for having a good listening ear. She encourages others to ―love people with a genuine love because God does not discriminate.

/files/Photos/Mother Bertha Marie Darden.jpgMother Marie Darden was born in Rockville Center, NY. She has four sons and five grandsons. As a child, she was raised in the church. She received Christ and was baptized in the summer of 1975.  Her prayer life and faith in God has increased through personal trials—the passing of her husband in December 1988, the passing of her mother in April 1989, the birth of her grandson with a 50-50 chance to live in June 1989. God promised He would never leave her alone nor forsake her. He faithfully kept His word. These are only a few situations that God has handled for her. This is why she loves to worship and sing God's praises.  Mother Darden is the church secretary. She attends Bethel Bible Institute, prayer service and mid-week service. She serves in the Ministry of Helps, the Nursing Home Ministry, and is a member the Choir. It is her desire to walk humbly before God and that her life would be pleasing to Him.

/files/Photos/Mother Rebecca Pryce.jpgMother Rebecca Pryce was born in Resource, Manchester, Jamaica, West Indies. She is the mother of two sons and two daughters. She was taught the ways of the Lord by Christian Parents and accepted Christ early in her life.  In 2002, while at the funeral of a family member, she was moved by how the family loved and wept for Mother Mitchell. When Bishop Walker asked who would give their lives to the Lord, she raised her hand and returned back to God. She felt such a joy over her soul as she cried at the altar. She was baptized on June 9, 2002.  Mother Pryce has had many trials. She prays and tells the Lord, and He answers her prayers. For her, everyday with the Lord is sweeter than the day before. Her motto in life is, "love because God is love; and "in whatever you do always remember the Lord." She believes her purpose in life is to speak to others and bring them to the Lord. Mother Pryce serves in the Nursing Home Ministry, and regularly attends prayer and Sunday School.

/files/Photos/Mother Ora Short.jpgMother Ora Short was born in the Mississippi Delta, in Yazoo County, Mississippi. She has two daughters. She was raised in church, attending services 5 days a week and twice on Sunday. Her father was a Deacon and her mother was a school teacher.  At the age of 7 during a revival, she sat on the "mourners bench," confessed Christ, and was baptized. But this was done traditionally. It was expected of all the children in the community to do this. Her true conversion experience came later. In 1995, she gave her life to the Lord at St. Paul's Christian Tabernacle under the spiritual leadership of Pastor G. Thompkins, and was later baptized. On June 9, 2002 she received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Mother Short loves the Lord; He has been her all and all. She attends Bethel Bible Institute and faithfully attends prayer service and Sunday School. She serves on the Pastor's Support Committee, the Usher Board, and the Nursing Home Ministry.

/files/Photos/Mother Jasmine Smith.jpgMother Jasmine Smith was born in West Moreland, Jamaica, West Indies. She has eight sons and one daughter. She was raised a Catholic and was taught to love God. God had been calling her since age 10 when she had a spiritual encounter while reading about the crucifixion of Christ for her grandmother. That experience stayed with her into her adulthood and the day when God changed the direction of her life.  While on her way to a Harvest service at the Catholic church, she was stopped in her tracks. She could only go as far as giving her offering. That same day God lead her to a ―spirited church. From that day forward she never returned. She always prayed that God would lead her to the right place, and He did.  Mother Smith was saved and baptized in 1992. Her determination at this stage in her life is to follow God and get closer to Him. She serves in the Nursing Home Ministry and loves to pray and praise the Lord.

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